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EDIT (1/11/17):

I apologize for the short notice, I have been proccupied in securing a job again. Not to mention editing DA journals is difficult on a phone. I can barely type right now.

Anyhow, I will be taking the standard eight orders. But I would like to bring up something: recently, numerous people have been asking for large orders, I mean LARGE, sequence type orders. And I appreciate that. But if numerous people per commission session ask that of me, it'll take forever to get commissions done in a timely manner. So while I will still take such large orders, I am limiting it to one per session. If you come to me with a large order and someone has already taken it, I'm sorry, but you'll have to try again next time.

And as with before, whosoever steps up and places an order will be entered into a random drawing to win a free sketch provided by me good buddy :iconmrsirbubbles: as well! GENEROUS. Bubbles is pretty good, too, check out the work.

1 by AlanES 2 by AlanES 3 by AlanES Lottery Prize 1 VORN- Tsuyu Asui by MrSirBubbles Kreizen Gift by MrSirBubbles

So yes! Bubbles will draw the winner of the drawing...uh...a drawing! XD So long as it isn't nude or otherwise pornographic in nature.

Bubbles is fixin' to do two this time! And the winners are...
:iconblahshi: & :iconjaden298:!

Please note or email me with your requests and I'll pass them to Bubbles as soon as possible.

EDIT (1/27/16):

I cannot believe I have had to make this many edits...

When you make an order, BE ABSOLUTELY SPECIFIC OF WHAT YOU WANT AT THE TIME OF MAKING SAID ORDER. Even if you ask for a demo, it is for the purpose of either seeing how your commission is coming along or giving critique to make sure it's coming out right, don't go making sudden last minute additions and removals. Don't change things completely at the last minute
and make me start over again because you forgot a detail or ten. I have no desire to give you twenty free sketches and I don't have time to deal with indecisiveness. Repeat offenders will be blacklisted.

EDIT (1/13/16):

"REOPENING SOON" does not mean "OPEN". Do not place orders until it says "OPEN" in the parenthesis.

EDIT (12/20/15):

Some folks have been coming to me asking the progress of commissions. I never claimed to be the fastest draw in the west over here, but I should prolly bring up that after I finish any given set and take another one, I will take a one week or so (9, 10 days a max if I really need it) break to rest up to avoid being burnt out again. I am NOT stiffing you. We all need rest and I WILL get your orders done. If you read the 5th Rule on the Commission Price sheet located below, you would understand that you agreed to be patient regardless of what happens.

EDIT (11/6/15):

DO NOT send me DA notes for commissions. Make ALL orders through my email mentioned below. Otherwise I'll never be able to keep track of them.

This is a journal I will bee keeping to allow myself and others to keep tabs on the status of Commissions, how they are progressing, and when they will be available or not.

The Price Sheet can be seen here:

Commission Shop Price Sheet by AlanES

All orders must be made by sending an email to:

All orders can be paid for at PayPal to:

Eight spots will be open at any given time. Only one commission per time may be purchased. You manage to secure a spot, you go here.

1. :iconstitcheduptogether: (DONE)
2. :iconrickydemont:
3. :icontevieskam:
4. :iconvorn-the-unspeakable:
5. :iconjaden298: (DONE)
6. :iconfwocvr:
7. :iconblahshi:
8. :iconpancake1111:

Be sure to keep an eye out. I will be adding both the journal and the Price Sheet back to everyone's DevWatch whenever Commissions open up again, so if you don't watch me already, you prolly should.

See this string of icons here? Same guy.

This is Mathew Lippiello. Also known as LimeTH. I call him Mat. Author of Matchu, which you can check out here, I recommend it. You've even seen me draw some of his stuff.

Now. Mr. Lippiello here tends to draw other things on the side. He makes these faux little Pop figurine arts called Pop Art Chibis or PACs for short, such as these.

Cartoon Network PACs by LimeTHPhineas and Ferb PACs by LimeTH

Hell, he's even made Rogue Neo PACs. I appreciate it greatly.

He even makes funny drawings such as this!


The set of Cartoon Network PACs has been reposted on Tumblr WITHOUT permission or credit to Mat SO MANY TIMES that we have both lost count. The Isabelle drawing was posted on Cheezburger. com, AGAIN, with no credit to Mat whatsoever.

But the last goddamn straw is THIS.

And here's a saved photo WHEN this page gets taken down.

I don't care if this actually looks kind of cool. There is once again NO CREDIT WHATSOEVER given to Mat for repainting his PAC designs of the Phineas and Ferb characters and I'm more than positive this person did not ask permission to do so. And the fact this person is looking to make money off of Mat's work is infuriating to me. Couldn't try to do their own spin of the characters, had to straight up lift from Mat because he is lesser known.


As the late great Owen Hart said: Enough is enough and it's time for a CHANGE.

I would like all of you and all you can spread word to to please share this journal. Please take notice of this artist whose simple works constantly get ripped off of and who sees NONE of the recognition for his hard work. I know for a fact that if any of this happened to any of you, it wouldn't sit well with you either. So please, spread this journal, spread Mat's existence, and for the love of everything that is good and right in this world, if you continue to see any of Mat's work being reposted or redistributed with no permission or credit, REPORT THE OFFENDING PARTY IMMEDIATELY. CALL THEM OUT. I need EVERYONE'S HELP to put a stop to this goddamn travesty of artistic justice.

EDIT: The shot glasses have been removed and the person responsible for making them has apologized for doing what was done. So that's good. It doesn't change the fact that this happened and could very well happen again.

I mean, seriously. THREE times?

So as mentioned before, if you see Mat's artwork anywhere and it's not Mat posting it, please report the offending party immediately.
Hey, everyone.

I want to thank everyone who has commented on this journal and sent notes offering me well wishes, advice, and concern. It really means a lot to me that you have all been so understanding of my situation.

I'm nowhere near ready to get back to business, and a lot of you told me that I should take anywhere from a month or two off anyway, but I at least wanted to share some thoughts of how we got to this point and where we need to go in the future.

As I mentioned before, ever since I moved out on my own in September of 2007, I had been taking on more commissions, projects, and side things than I really should have. I'm up to my forehead in commissions I owe, I stupidly took on projects I prolly shouldn't have which is no fault of the project heads, by the way...I even more stupidly decided to go and do side things that I shouldn't have such as Lameplay Theater. It was fun and I'll miss it, mind you, but I really shouldn't have done it for as long as I did, especially with a practically nonexistent viewer base. Even things like the Creature of Whim packs are among some of the admittedly bad ideas that I've done, but everything I've done, I did to keep afloat as I'm my only source of income. Sure there was a splurge here or there, but a good lot of what I made went into my overall survival.

While it's still (and the rate things are going, never will be) as much as I'd like to make, I currently make enough to get by at the very least. So I don't have to take on anymore side projects or quick make money projects or anything like that. I appreciate everyone's help, but now it's time to focus on what NEEDS to be done.

First, the commissions. I don't think I need to say anything more about that. They've been there for long enough and they need to GO.

Secondly, given as PayPal has gone total dick with some of its future changes, I'm switching over to Google Wallet in regards to online payments. I suggest you all do the same.

I'm going to be getting out of the Premium Pack business. It helped, but I can't be bothered to make any more when there are so many other things I need to take care of. Once this journal is posted, I'm going to retire the packs and remove the links. I'll publicly post them the contents at a future date so as to not stiff any recent customers.

I'm feeling a bit more confident in my abilities to get stuff done with all the distractions out of the way and feeling allowed to take an extended break once every so often to recharge my batteries, as it were. I'd ask for your patience with me in these times, but I know I already have it. Thank you all so much for caring.

Journal History


Duke89 Commission: Part The Fifth
~From Zero to HerOHnever mind, guess he sucks now. XD

Fifth commission for :iconduke89:, and let's say that Hercules' encounter with the Hydra didn't go as well here as it did in the movie.

:iconhades-plz::iconsaysplz: "Hey, talk about your FLAT commissions, amirite? EH!?"
Been a couple of months since I did this, but HOO BOY that's a lot of watchers! From :iconjacobeck7: to :iconmilkedoutmeme:, thank all 161 new watchers for jumping along for the ride!


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Hello. How are you?
AlanES Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Can't complain.
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I'm guessing you're alright.
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That sprite of Sapphire from Author Space, who made it, and where can I find him/her?
AlanES Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
The last one used? That was made by Spectre. Sadly I dunno where to find him anymore.
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What about the sprite of Jen Irving?
AlanES Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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I can't remember who did the human one, but I did the later versions of her fox form. Still, like all these sheets, they are lost to time.
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Tailikku1 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh. Well can we still try?
AlanES Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I also don't really do instant messaging much these days anymore. Especially these days, it's been so hectic.


You can feel free to drop me an email. I've always got that open. It's MisterOhmaATgmailDOTcom. Replace AT with @ and DOT with . and you're good.
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kaltagstar96 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016
Hey man. I just discovered your stuff via accident and I love your WWE Divas as fatties, like Sasha, Bayley and Paige. Do you plan to draw anymore Divas as fatties? Like Lana, Nia, Emma or Charlotte?
AlanES Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I have the plans, I just need the time. Glad you like, though!
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Say, whatever happened to the Rouges Gallery comics?
AlanES Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Dead as dead can be. I've chosen not to reupload them due to respecting some negative connotations that have befallen other people in those times and don't need to be reminded of through those.
cartoonking1 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
Well that's a shame, but I want you to know that I really enjoyed your old comics, I through the they were one of the best on the old site. You knew how to make some great comedic timing. Sorry about the negative response linked to certain people that effect you. But know you have a lot of fans from that time, that was one of my first Web Comics and I eagerly awaited each update. :)
AlanES Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy to have been there for ya!
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